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We are a team of specialists for roof leaking repair since 1985. Therefore, we can assure you that our repairing job will last you many years to come. Investigating and repairing Roof Leaking is our speciality!


We offer full range of repair services including plumbing and renovation.  We are just a phone call away and we are in Kepong surrounding area. We are prepared to assist in roof repair and other leaking issues. Any questions, just get in touch!

We only employ the very best SIFU who has many years of experience in roof leaking repair. Therefore we promise that if you aren’t happy with the our repairs, we’ll make it right. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Try us today!

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Roof Leaking Repair Kepong specializes in locating and fixing leaks in your roof. Therefore, our experts will cater for several leaking roof situations, including general wear and tear, breaks in tiles or ridge capping, seepage through flashings to roofs that have blown off as a result of severe weather. So, often leaks are brought on by build-up in your roof by foreign substance. Moss and lichen detaches with heavy rain, rolling into your gutter. So, if your gutters are slightly blocked, the moss and lichen with accumulate and block the gutters, causing a variety of problems. There can be issues with the moss growing in between the water course channels of the roof tile and blocking the proper flow of water.

Roof Leaking Repair Kepong Services

Roof Leaking Repair Kepong provides Services for Roof Repairs and Restoration, with Professional and Qualified Tradesmen, from Pressure Cleaning to Full Restoration or Replacement.

Hence, we are experienced Roofing Contractors in Kepong area and are pleased to provide a free quote on roof restoration, roof repairs, roof cleaning, and roof replacement.

Therefore, it is our pleasure to be serving Kepong area homes and putting our customers first in roof restoration and repairs.

Tile Repairs Services

At Roof Leaking Repair Kepong, we repair and fix all your roofing problems, and tiling is no exception.

Because the common problems linked to tiled roofs are cracked and broken cement, or loose and broken tiles. Also, this would cause difficulty with wind and water damage, allowing the wind to loosen roof tiles and rain and water to seep in and through the gaps, that may cause plenty of water damage to your home, if they are not treated on time.

So, Roof Leaking Repair Kepong within their Roof maintenance program will replace broken tiles and re-bed the whole set of cement ridge capping contained in the service to ensure the very best result without providing a hassle-free bandaid solution that will surely need fixing again.

Also, possessing filmed by our Experienced Professionals we will have a quality and lasting result.

Lastly. clean up the mess through our Cleaning Services

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